Surron Light Bee S (2021)


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PAY INSTALMENTALLY $450 every month until full price of $4500 has been paid.

The Electric Light Bee offers 60V and more than 6KW of peak power. 4 Piston Hydraulic Disc Brakes Front and Rear. Top speed 45mph and usually charges in about 3hrs with a powerful 10A charger, and more…

Now with a Removable and Swappable 20AH Battery and a seriously lightweight Aliminium construction, with a record time charge of 4hrs.

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Sur-Ron Electric Bikes offer a wide range of solutions for Security, Military, reconnaissance and environments where rapid deployment is required. Electric Motorcycles offer an unmatched combination of stealth, speed, endurance. We can also offer custom and fully road registered machines. With dual purpose tyres they offer an almost go anywhere capability in the urban or countryside environment with zero exhaust emissions.

With a low seat height, light weight and easy handling the Sur-Ron X Series is also the perfect machine for entry level to intermediate riders under taking off road tuition or to hire round a track for controlled adrenalin fun without the associated noise of petrol powered motorsports. We have a number of locations now running a fleet of X Series off road Sur-Ron machines catering for corporate hospitality to off road training and advanced rider skills.

Sur-Ron experience – some locations can also utilise Sur-Ron (road legal and off road) machines for exploration tours and tourist expeditions. With low maintenance, incredibly low running costs they can be an ecological low footprint way to tours islands, holiday complexes worldwide.

We can now offer Sur-Ron products on competitive lease packages.

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