Huffy Cranbrook Women’s Cruiser Bike


Cranbrook Women’s Comfort Cruiser Bike, High Tide.

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24-inch Cranbrook Women’s Cruiser Bike Featuring Huffy’s Perfect Fit Frame
Comfort, convenience, and style all in one fun ride!

Eye-catching purple features stand out against the High Tide Green frame and create a fun, stylish look on this Huffy Cranbrook. This 24-inch women’s cruiser bike features our exclusive Perfect Fit frame which fits your body’s natural bike-riding position. Plus, the padded spring saddle is wide and comfortable. This Huffy 24″ bicycle has the comfort and style you’ll appreciate for short trips around town or recreational rides.

Huffy’s exclusive Perfect Fit frame’s design has a raised handlebar that enables you to cruise around town in an upright position. This posture helps eliminate back, arm, and leg fatigue. The slightly-reclined seat has a lower center of gravity for better balance. Your legs can fully extend forward while you pedal. In addition, while you’re seated at a stop, both feet can rest on the ground. This bike is so comfortable it feels like it was designed and engineered just for you!

Ideal for casual or recreational riders, this Huffy 24″ bicycle is great to ride around town or to travel to and from work! The single-speed cruiser has an easy-to-use coaster brake, simply pedal back to stop. Dual density grips and pedals add to the comfort, and to the style. 24″ cruiser tires are highlighted by amethyst-purple sidewalls. High Tide Green fenders redirect splashes from the ground to keep you dry as you pedal along.

The everyday rider, and even the rider who hasn’t ridden in years, will feel more confident while riding this Huffy Cranbrook cruiser with our exclusive Perfect Fit frame. More comfort means more fun and a more enjoyable bike ride! From Huffy, We Make Fun.

Huffy Cranbrook 24″ Women’s Cruiser Bike Features:

  • Description: The Huffy Cranbrook cruiser’s striking purple features complement the High Tide Green frame that makes it stylish and fun to ride.
  • Features: Huffy’s exclusive Perfect Fit frame makes this the most comfortable bike you’ll ever ride!
  • Age range: 12 to 19 years.
  • Ideal Rider Height: 4’8″ to 5’2″.
  • Handlebar: Cruiser handlebar with dual-density grips and a swept-back position enables better posture while riding.
  • Fenders: High Tide Green fenders redirect splashes from the ground.
  • Seat: Padded spring saddle is positioned for a lower center of gravity for a more comfortable riding position.
  • Quick Seat Adjustment: Quick-release binder clip makes it easy to adjust the seat height as needed.
  • Brakes: Easy-to-use coaster brake; simply pedal back to stop.
  • Tires: 24″ black cruiser tires with amethyst sidewalls.
  • Rims: Black, steel rims add to this 24-inch bike’s style.
  • Pedals: Dual density Krayton pedals.
  • Carton dimensions: Length: 48.8″ x Width: 8.3″ x Height: 25.6″.
  • Package Weight: 41.6 lbs.

Clear assembly instructions included


Perfect Fit Frame
Hi-Tide Blue
Manufacturer Part Number
Huffy Bicycle Co
Assembled Product Dimensions (L x W x H)
66.50 x 23.50 x 39.00 Inches


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