Better Body Rubber Hex Dumbbell Set + Weight Rack | 5-50lbs


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Get lifting.

Our Better Body Rubber Hex Dumbbell Set and Weight Rack is the perfect solution for those looking to simply lift without the bells or whistles. Purchasing your first set? Looking for an upgrade for your cheap beginner dumbbells? Our hexes are the perfect solution no matter how experienced you are.

Durable & Drop Friendly

Made from all natural low odour rubber, these dumbbells are robust and durable making them drop friendly. You can lift to your limit and feel confident dropping them when you’ve pushed through your hardest last rep. Stop wasting time and energy carefully placing delicate weights down after a set.

But what about your floors? Check out our Exercise Mat that doubles as a floor protector or our Gym Floor Mat.

You won’t slip.

The handles are textured for optimal grip. Don’t waste precious energy just trying to hold on. Treat yourself to a premium experience with the most rugged dumbbells on the market.

We’ve decided to include the dumbbell rack with this set for storage, accessibility and presentation. We all know that looking good feels good and the same goes for your tools. Organize your dumbbells so you can be more efficient. Push harder, for longer.

  • Low odour rubber
  • Classic hexagonal design
  • Drop friendly; Robust and durable


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